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Pura Vida Runners Club (PVC) was officially launched on April 8, 2017!



PVC focus on helping the community  by offering free weakly  group meetings so that individuals of all ages, abilities, and income levels can enhance personal health, elevate performance, and establish meaningful relationships.  Every Saturday we meet for a run where we offer free advice and suggestions for those individuals who are starting or thinking to get into running or improve their performance. PVC coaches are here to provide all runners with the support needed to help them achieve their goals. We also offer professional training programs tailored for those individuals who will like to uncover the fullest running potential.


In order to achieve these goals we use philosophies from the best coaches in the world and we are constantly updating our training programs to get the best results with our trainees. We focus on strengthening the body in a holistic manner, both muscularly, energy, metabolically and mentally. 


PVC coaches use a methodology supported by scientific and physiological analysis. We understand the physical, energetic and metabolic systems involved in running, which might get overload and stressed while training and limit the performance, this way we can make positive adaptations suitable for each trainee.


We believe that the best tool a coach needs is to always find ways to improve its knowledge, that’s why we consistently attend conferences, workshops and seminars with world leaders sport athletics. We are a group but for those who we train individually, we focus on their training zones according to their performance level, this makes training as personalized as possible even within the group mode. While running we analyzed techniques, breathing and risk of injury to ensure the best training plan for each person. 

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